The sacred soundscapes of the Didgeridoo, Native American Flute, Drums, Crystal Singing Bowls and Spirit Chanting are a wonderful vehicle for the healing journey to the inner source.
Carried by the ancient sound vibration, the listener is travelling into the depth of his or her being while lying in a deep relaxed state on the ground.

It is recommended to lie comfortably on a mattress preferably covered with a blanket since the body can cool out during deep inner journeys. It is also recommended not to eat or drink very much before the actual journey. During the journey the traveller is closing his or her eyes and breathing in a deep and relaxed rythm first inhaling through the nose and exhaling out of the mouth.

The symbolic and energetic effect of the different instruments;

The didgeridoo
is a gift of the earth. A tool of communication and communion with creation and the source of creation. As the most ancient wind instrument on earth it can be seen as the grandmother of all flutes or the grandfather of all trumpets. The horn of awakening.
At the beginning was silence from where a sound was born...
The breath of life gives birth to sound - vibration - energy.
Charged with intention the sound carries information into manifestation.

The drum
is round. It represents the circle of life. The heartbeat of the drum represents the heartbeat
of life. Drums have been used by indigenous people all around the world as a trance
instrument and key to higher levels of awareness and expanded consciousness.
The pulse & rhythm of the drum is a bridge to come in harmony with the pulse & rhythm of life

The flute
carries medicine of love for the soul and can help to unfold the wings of the heart

The crystal singing bowls
are made of crystal which transmittes and emplifies energy.
The clear and crystalline sound frequency can cleanse the upper energy centers -
our antennes for receiving energy from the cosmos and higher realms of existence.

The spiritchanting
is a way of singing a prayer in the language of the soul or spirit.
The drum or rattle as a key to the source unlocks the gateways to a language beyond races or conditions. Straight from the source and therefore a bridge back to the source.
The spiritchanting carries medicine which again may touch the listener in a healing way.

The soundscape of the different instruments carries "medicine" which can trigger certain sensations ranging from visual, emotional, physical, mental and energetical experiences.

The deep vibrational sound of the Didgeridoo is accompanied by harmonic resonance and can loosen up stresses or energetical blockages stored in the physical or subtle bodies and energy centers, caused by traumatical experiences of the past. It is known that all traumas which have not been healed or dealt with, are stored in the subconscious realms where they still influence our lives negatively. Therefore it can be highly beneficial to release these traumatical experiences in a state of deep relaxation.

How the release is happening is individually very different and can even change from journey to journey. Following points will give a clearer understanding:

1. visual sensations
can range from colours, patterns, memories of the past (childhood or earlier life times),
key images, meetings with the inner guides, teachers, masters, angels or power animals and other helpers.

Note: Linear time as we agree on it (past-present-future seperated) is dissolving
in the deep presence of NOW from where future vision also can be accessible.

2. emotional sensations
can range between any quality of the emotional spectrum. Tears can be a wonderful gateway of release. Nevertheless it is not recommended to choose going into unnessassary emotional release or catharsis. Transformation can be very simple and subtle. The balanced mid way is also beneficial here; not holding back and also not forcing - just letting go and let it be.

3. physical sensations
The body is freeing itself through discharging stresses held in the muscles, tissues or organs
This can be experienced through the body or different parts of the body shaking. (gentle
spasms). From the subtle and subconscious realms supressed energy can come up to the surface in form of a pressure point or pain before it is released. In this case it is helpful
to use the breath as an ally in the transformation and liberation process.
Breathing into pressure and pain points (inhaling through the nose) and release through exhaling out of the mouth.

4. mental sensations
Before the journey takes us into the depth of being where the hemnispheres of the brain are balanced (theta brain waves) like in deep meditation or restful sleep, the mind can release all kinds of held mental energy. Thoughts of everyday lifes banalities can take the traveller side-tracked. The control of the mind is loosening its grip and we can dive deeper beyond the minds limitations into the essence and inner source where all information, wisdom, healing and life energy is accessible. When the mind unwinds itself, it is recommended not to fight against mental activity, but to let the thoughts come and let them go. If the traveller is side tracked by distracting thoughts he or she simply comes back to the focus on the breath and continues the journey deeper.

It is not nescessary that any of these points may be experienced, but it is a possibility.

The true purpose of the journey is to be relaxing into the essence of who we are
beyond conditioning and the illusion of separation

It is about coming home into our inner source and divine presence within.
Awakening the buddha or christ within. The light of truth which is beyond race or religion stored within the hearts of every soul. It is about tapping into that power of our true purpose.

Who are we? Where do we come from? Where do we go? What is this all about? What is your purpose? No one can tell you but you. All information is stored deep within.

Sacred sound born out of silence - leading back to its source can be a key to unlock our memory.

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