“Sufilike Kailash is the prince of Utopia, he has the gift to touch the soul of the people”
(Dr. Batmanghelidj M.D. USA/ Iran)

"Kailash is an embodiment of the spirit of this planet, working with him and being in his presence is healing for me and the workshops participants. He is someone I respect and keep close to my heart for every breath he takes makes this planet a better place!"
(Dr. Roy Martina MD. USA / NL)

“Thank you Kailash, for your effords as a musical warrior for the earth!”
(Captain Paul Watson www.seashepherd.org)

"Dear Kailash, what a wonderful work you do!!
Great Spirit Blesses you ...so obvious you share that blessing with an open heart and artists skill. Filling the senses with Divine joy and therefore awakening the power of Love's Mystery in the people. Just another touch...here in this moment...to let you know that I so deeply appreciate you.
The time is urgent, challenging and wonderful..
What more could be offered than that?
In the Mystery, (ShantiMayi)

"Thank you for being part of the human journey in this realm and for all that you do and are!" (Jasmuheen)

"Your music has relit my Soul fire!"
(Elly Yule, Wales)

" Your music is so uplifting and heart-opening that you can really help uplift humanity. Life is changing faster than ever on the planet, and we are often finding ourselves in whirlwinds and initiations by fire!" (Eostar, USA)

"This Music has been the most amazing breath of freshness I have been looking for in a long time." (Gary, South Africa)

"Kailash takes us deep into the sacred heart of the Earth itself, his profound depth for the love of Earth is transmitted and resounded through the music he creates.
As a rare sacred instrument himself, Kailash offers vibrational healing journeys that heal the heart, body and soul of all who are graced by the presence of his self and his music."
(Amalia Camateros, Australia)

"What a treat it was connecting with Kailash ........
his music, his essence and his gentle spirit impressed me greatly.
Kailash has not only developed a high level of musical skill but also the ability to touch and influence the people who are fortunate enough to come into contact with him."
(Bruce Copley, South Africa)

"Kailash, your music opens my heart!"
(Kaja, Norway)

"The concert & workshop was really amazing.
Kailash gave us a lot of power, and now I feel the energy I can give to someone else.
During the concert, I closed my eyes most of the time.
It was like a great mystic experience and felt as if I was floating in the air, and suddenly everything made sense. ... everything seems to be deeply connected. "
(Mika, Tokyo, Japan)

“I wish Kailash’s music would be spread to all human beings on earth!”
(Mari, Sweden)

In the end, words fail, but might perhaps convey a tiny fragment of the love and deep gratitude which we feel for the golden nectar
from your blossoming heart... for these deep lessons you teach us all with music - the language of love, gentlest and most powerful of all media.
(Richard Sonam, South Africa)

"Kailash Kokopelli - ein Weltmusiker der besten Klasse vor dem Herrn"
(M. Bauer-Kempf)

"Kailash's soundmedicine is truly a beautiful gift to the world.
Listening to it is like refinding a lost treasure.
It works on all levels in me. Every cell is vibrating.
Such a sweet and powerful medicine!"
(Tarani, Sweden)

"Your music makes me feel like I am seated in a quivering lotus floating on the rivers of light. The love that is transmitted through your work, the tenderness and gentleness between the lines, the beauty of the graphics and photographs all radiate a profound healing energy that is exquisitely calming and uplifting.Thank you so much for bathing us in your love of being. I recognise in your heartsound a vibration of compassion that is helping to lift the planet up with a passionate gentleness that reminds me of why it is such a blessing to be incarnated at this time, to remember what it is to be a child of God, strong, powerful, and free, healing home ourselves and all life, praising God for the birth of creation. Thank you for the amazing gift of your presence and your life and mastery!"
(Ra-El, NC, USA)

"The language of love (Sasquach) on your CD "Circle of Life" is my Anthem for Life and I play it so many times! I honour your spirit and your relationship with the spirit of music!"
(Sonia, South Africa)

Samaya from Sweden (3 years) loves to put on Kailash Kokopelli's CD "Circle of Life"
in the car or at home singing and dancing to it...

"When I see Kailash expressing his inner beauty, healing gifts and sharing his love,
he is awakening in me a deep longing for my own inner beauty to be expressed into the world. I'm so grateful for his beautiful music and KACHIMO bringing more balance into my life!"
(Lena Häggström, Sweden)

"Kailash- Du hast mit deinem Flötespiel dem Christus am Kreuz auf dem Altar zugespielt.
Für mich verwandelte sich dabei der leidende Christus in einen segnenden Christus.
Christus hat Dich gesegnet. Du bist gesegnet. Du bist ein Segen für uns.
Wenn wir unser Herz öffnen, dann fliesst dieser Christus-Segen von Dir zu uns-
durch uns in unsere Welt. Danke!"
(Pfarrer Paulfried Spies, Germany)

"God bless you, friend of humanity!"
(Swami Omananda, Sweden)

"..."There are no boundries in the inner sky"...(Osho)
Kailash's music brings me into this space of vastness and meditation!"
(Tarani, Sweden)

"I was tired and sad. When Kailash played his Didgeridoo and drum, I woke up and saw again. I found peace inside. Thank you for your healing music!"
(M. Frid, Sweden)

"Kailash is truly an inspiration and a light emitting frequency radiating joyous harmony!"
(O. & B. Edgman, USA)

"Kailash's Inner World Music leads me into true being.
The music inspires me to be present in every moment of my daily life.
His music is a prayer. So full of thankfulness for the gift of being in this life.
The magic soundscapes and poetry in the songs guide me into an ocean of ecstasy and beauty."You are the essence of all - the beauty of life" is a line in one of the songs.
This line is what Kailash's music is about for me. It is such a good reminder. This music contains all, sounds of heaven and earth and the heart that brings them together.
All that I have been missing and so much been longing for in this unnatural, often heartless and violent time we are living in, showers on me while listening to this music.
It is full of wisdom and beauty of mother earth, pure love and deep peace. Thank you Kailash for sharing your experiences of the beauty of life, love and nature through your soundmedicine. What a healing it is for me. Listening to this music brings me sometimes to tears, sometimes to laughter or for a while brings up physical pain in my body to be released. It brings me deep down into the earth as well as high up into the sky guiding me on my healing journey home. I am guided through Kailash's music into my native soul and heart. I find it wonderful to sing to Kailash's songs and to manifest their message even deeper through the graceful movements he is teaching to them.
Siverwolf running with wisdom...yes, and I am drinking it again and again because I am so thirsty...
(Asa K., Sweden)

"Through Kailash's music I really got in touch with something deep inside..."
(I. Myhra, Norway)

"Kailash carries a vision as a knight of love/life/light and truth heralding Oneness Awareness"
(C. Rossi, USA)

"Like the pan piper from Hameln, Kailash enchants his audience with his magic flutes
and didgeridoos..."
(Paula Hedlund, Vagabond Magasin, Sweden)

"We need you, we need your music, we need your presence to make the world softer!"
(Pascal & Monique, France)

"I had big problems with my neck, back and knees. After the healing music (shamanic) journey with Kailash all pain is gone! Kailash gave me trust in spirituality and healing.
Peace inside a human body is a start for peace in the world! Thank you very much!"
(Mari, Sweden)

“I am so happy that there are people like you out there...!”
(Constantine, Poland)

“Wenn ich Deine Musik höre, fühle ich mich im siebten Himmel!
Und das wunderbare ist, Du zauberst den Himmel hier herunter auf die Erde-
Das ist Deine Mission. Danke von ganzem Herzen!”
(Julia, Deutschland)

“I love your heart, Kailash, what you share with me , with the world, all of us.
Gentle, Kind, Caring, Courageous, Compassionate, Wise, Humble and funny...
(never ending list of attributes) An inspiration to many and me!”
(Ceslie R.,USA)

"Kailash - sa fascinante musique du monde intérieur,
interprétée sur le didgeridoo, la flute indienne et les tambours, nous amène vers l'harmonie
et la guérison. Un pont entre la terre et le ciel se crée ainsi, qui nous offre une clé d'accès
à notre source intérieure de force et d'inspiration et nous amène à rencontrer le chant
de l'âme qui donne des ailes à l'enfant intérieur."
(le college international de la paix de Bruxelles, Belgium)

"My kids saw Kailash blessing his food. Now they are blessing their food before eating.
It feels very good!"
(Birgitta G., Sweden)

I loved witnessing Kailash playing his flute for the trees of the red wood forest.
I felt the trees shiver in ecstasy as he played inside their bodies.
I saw their roots spreading the feeling with the other trees
and I saw them radiating even more light from their leaves...”
(Rossi, USA)

"Lots of love and respect. Because your music and your heart and your hands are healing the world and just by your touch, flowers grow in the weeds."
(Imy, Australia)

"I am so grateful to you for this wonderful music, you have no idea what it has done for me, it is like you have handed me a key which has helped me to unlock a gift inside that I had forgotten I had!"
(ELLY Yule, Wales)

"Thank you, so much! Your CD is soul honey, it's so beautiful to hear your voice. Thank you for sharing your love with all of the world. So clear, so sacred, so full of light and love and truth, and so funky! I love your photos, GORGEOUS."
(Imigen, (14 yrs) Sydney, Australia)

"This marvelous Music accompanies me on my journey to inner peace."
(Tilly, NL)

Kailash's voice and music profoundly opened my heart and drifted into me bones, awakening my body. This heartful medicine man truly awakens our connection with ourselves, the Earth and our ancestors. Kailash helps open doors to remembrance. I feel truly different and am reminded of what I really want.
(Isa, Oregon, USA)

"We are feathers in each others wings!"
(Phil Gruber after a performance with Kailash Kokopelli)

"Als die Musik begann, kamen die Töne von überall. Der Raum weitet sich. Mein Atemrhythmus wird irgendwann tief und heftig. Irgendetwas öffnet sich in mir. Meine Finger werden zu Krallen und ich werde zum Adler und fliege. Ich sehe Menschen, die um sich Licht haben, Gruppen von Menschen. Das wunderbare Land verändert sich, wird dunkler. Ebenso die Menschen die zu dunklen Knäueln werden, in sich verschlungen. Wieder heftigster Atem- und dann- ich brauche nicht mehr zu atmen und kann unter Wasser sein. Ein Delphin kommt zu mir und ich bin es selbst. Es ist so herrlich in diesem leuchtenden Türkis und den Glitzerpartikeln im Meer zu sein und ich bin nicht allein und so verbunden. Die dunklen Menschen Knäuel stupsen wir voll Vergnügen mit Glückseligkeit an und sie finden ihr Licht wieder. Ich fühle mich immer noch total frei, Grenzenlos und mit Freude und Glück und Licht und Liebe angefüllt. Es ist als sei ich aus der Erdenschwere befreit. Danke!"
(Ingrid, Germany)

“Meeting Kailash has changed my life forever, for the best.”
(Ces, USA)

"I did manage to switch off the intellect quite rapidly and merge with the sound. I felt as though I was floating away on different levels of music. It sounded as though many instruments were being played, with one sound whirling around the room about one metre above the ground, another level of music gliding around at about two metres above ground level, a third level of sound circling slightly higher than that and a fourth sound spinning about on a higher plane. It truly felt as though I was experiencing these swirling colours of sounds at different heights in the room. When I managed to pull myself out of my ‘merge’ and peep to see how one man could create all these different sounds at once I found that he was simply playing the flute. I could feel the didgeridoo pulsating in my pallet (usually a sign that I am in a deeply meditative state). A haunting flute with the rattle made me feel as though I was expanded in flashes of scallop-shaped light. I love that rattle. It made me feel like froth bubbles created as the sea breaks onto the shore and gave me a distinct feeling of long ago South America. Floating with and on the music I was definitely transported beyond space and time."
(Amber, South Africa)

“I have seen you, I have spent time in your magnificent world, I’ve witnessed your gifts and love, It’s all so very real. Love is real.”
(C. from California)

"I just wanted to write and thank you for creating "Sakrayaami". It has helped me to re-link with my creativity, helped me to link closer with Spirit and to re-discover my purpose."
(ELLY Yule, Wales)

"As I listen to your music I experience a direct connection to the depth of your soul, and I recognize that your voice, your flute-dance, your sound-creation is an expression of your soul-heart-essence... there are moments I feel that I am making love so passionately deep and blissful through your music...."
(Kaelya, Colorado, USA)

"Your voice through the didgeridoo is that of a shamanic master calling down the thunder of the heavens, or emulating the powerful low breathing of the earth.
A powerful vibration which takes me completely away...
(Rasa, former "Sweet Smoke" Band member, Massachusetts, USA)

"Kailash's voice and music profoundly opened my heart and drifted into me bones, awakening my body. This heartful medicine man truly awakens our connection with ourselves, the Earth and our ancestors. Kailash helps open doors to remembrance. I feel truly different and am reminded of what I really want."
(Isa, Oregon, USA)

"Die Begegnung mit Kailash hat mich ganz tief in meinem Innersten erfüllt mit Licht, Liebe und Frieden. Mein Herz ist unendlich weit geworden. Kailash ist mit seinen Klängen, seiner Stimme, seiner Liebe und Hingabe in mein Herz eingetaucht. Danke!"
(Sabine, Bad Berleburg)

"Mir ist es ein Bedürfnis, dir zu sagen, dass deine Musik mich tief berührt und mir sehr hilfreich auf meinem Weg ist. Seit den Konzerten bin ich die meiste Zeit in meiner Mitte und falle nur noch gelegentlich heraus. Vorher war das anders herum. Vielen Dank. Ich möchte dir noch sagen, dass du auf mich wirkst wie ein wandelndes Gebet." (Birgit L., Heidelberg, Germany)

"Kailash is a pure instrument of the divine. I saw light coming down through him in ceremony and he liftet the energy up and transformed and consecrated the space through his prayers" (D. South Africa)

"I saw an ancient Native American Medicine woman working through Kailash Kokopelli in ceremony"
(Gil, South Africa)

"When I hear Kailash's music I am in prayer"

"I am amazed how Kailash the man transforms into Kailash the Magician when he plays his sacred instruments"
(Debra, South Africa)

"I was attending a sound journey. Several of my former experiences showed up again, even more clear as if life wants to point something out to my consciousness. The question: Who are you? was echoing inside all the time. Who are you that listens to the sounds? Who are you that perceives the tones? Who is that babbling voice with the emc-identity? The sounds merged with my being and I became the sounds. It was very obvious I was not the babbling mind. I have had that conversation before with my mind, when it has been left absolutely powerless, and the same thing occurred now - I was left as... noone. Only the perception of tones was there...
The ring of time appeared again. But this time it zoomed in closer, and very, very rapidly thousands of years passed by - a skyline of houses from different eras flickered by. Suddenly there was a bright flame. A moment of stillness, and then all the houses on the horizontal timeline started to burn. A wild rampage fire ring of time whirling around me. Time existed no longer. Timeless beingness was left.
Then I saw my body floating in space. Pale, all transparent whiteness, like a corpse. I saw my veins, my heart, my bones, my calmly smiling face... Very peaceful, very tender and ethereal. Zooming in on it, it became obvious that it was just a hollow body full of space. Veins and bones were a molecule matrix of space. Very non solid. There was actually no real body there. It was nobody there.
Then this body was carried by six pygmies to its funeral. Very sad, very serious. Tears streamed down my face and I realized they were going to burn me to ashes. One person was arranging the fire ornaments and he was very sad and serious. Then it hit me: But who is being carried on that funeral march? Who are you burying? There\'s noone there, there\'s nobody there!!! It was like admitting the king had no clothes! I told the person arranging the ornaments - Hey, there\'s noone there to bury - it\'s all fake, it\'s a theater. He looked up with a twinkle in his eye and said \"Oh, no, this is very serious and sad, don\'t disturb me.\" The twinkle in his eyes was so enormously kind and roguish, it made me giggle, giggle, giggle.
The funeral went on, but nothing went on. It was only the Sun and the Moon in the vast, vast, vast sky witnessing a pretence funeral.
Death of the ego? The ego, the person is already dead, was never born. It never was anything from the start. The person is fake. The only thing in charge is the BELIEF of an existing person.
And that is what can dissolve. The belief can be non-believed and then truth takes its place....
And then the clock rings at 5.30 am and it\'s time to go to work.... The reality of duality hits hard.
Who is it that\'s going to work? Who is keeping track of time? Who is afraid of letting it all go? Who is afraid of going with the flow, beacuse it may lead to unknown consequences like losing the job, losing friends, losing the flat, losing.... control....? Who is afraid of losing a control it never had anyway? It all becomes ridiculous. It all disappears into... nothing....
Thank you for enabling the unfolding of Truth and Love! You are a wonderful being!"
(Eva Jonzon, Sweden)

"Kailash, I thought I needed your sound healing, therefore I came to your full moon concert. The music and the fire ceremony was healing me and i feel so grateful to you for that. But the best was something else. The best moment was when I met you for the first time - It was totally unexpected and you felt so warm and open. When I saw you, you made me breathless. You expressed so much male energy and it surprised me because when I have been thinking of you I didn´t think of you as a man. I thought of you as a holy person. When I think of you now it is wonderful to feel that you are both a holy person and a man. You have brought together heaven and earth in one person and I feel happy about that" (Nirala, Sweden)

"My heart is full of gratitude for what you´ve been giving me through your music, your energies, your peace and love. Thank you for everything you taught me and that endless work you do. Never ever have I met anyone who worship our mother like you. The love between you are so beautiful. Walk on in beauty, brother!" (Lotta S. Sweden)

"Your songs have carried me to greater heights than I have been lifted to for many years by music. I am deeply, very deeply opened to Spirit and connected through the space between us on the physical plane to sit with your being in the Spirit realms, as we have done before for so many lifetimes. 'Phoenix Rising' is absolutely amazing brother! You are a star! I fully commend this creative journey, the music is fantastic, the production quality astounding, the written content is powerful and so needed saying. I love the other artists you've called together. Maneesh's part is brilliant. And your singing has totally blown me away. Huge respect falls to you brother for this offering to the whole. You walk your talk with absolute integrity as always you have. A man of vision and power!"

"...you make good medicine.. I AM humbled - one track in particuler I played for hours
> I AM < this song opened a doorway to the real me. I do not exaturate when I say my perception is permanently heightened! This song will stire the soul, spirit, of anyone on the Great Path... I cannot put into words how it opens the soul... powerful , very powerful -
I don't believe it was an accident I stumbled on your http://cdbaby.com/cd/kailashkokopelli link when i was looking for futuristic music and came upon your music - thank you, Kailash for making this powerful medicine!" (Thorp Kal / Russia/USA)


Kailash is one of the 2 top number one musicians for me in the world. (Eostar / USA)

I joined Kailash Kokopelli's full moon concert in Malmö. It meant a lot to me and I´m so greatful for the healing you gave us and for all you have learned to help others. Thanks for being there on our way home. (Lotta Sirhagen, Sweden)

When I am down I listen to Kailash Kokopellis Music and I feel better. It lifts me back up! (Franz, Germany)

"I very often have occasion to thank the Sacred One for your incomparable inspiration, and the changes to which it has led in my innermost being - a gratitude impossible to express in mere words..." (Sonam, South Africa)

You seem to blow into my life like a beautiful wind of transformation, only to gently disappear again, leaving things forever altered and abundantly blessed... (Deb, South Africa)

"Deine Töne hatten noch enorm kraftvolle Nachwirkungen und haben mit sehr viel klare Kraft gegeben!" (Brigitte Karp, Bonn, Germany)

I can`t express how deep you have made impact on my inner child / soul !con tu maravilloso sound-healing!! I felt my soul wake up and ...begun to rediscover...who really I am!...you did give me the light ..which I will use to walk my path! It is a very big honor to have the good luck to meet you....!! After so many years of waiting....I now ,can call me real happy. because this meeting with your precious soul, was necesary ..for ..jump up to the next step..!! without fear....thank you beloved brother for this courage you are giving me, you are my big inspiration. Your espirit is so beautiful .so magic.!! Thank you because you are bringing mother earth - father sun energy, love-energy.! (Mary Castellares, Peru)

"I want to once again say thank you for the wonderful sound healing experience! It was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. I was amazed, and still am, of the genuine work you do and I can see that you are a true channel for the Divine Stillness that resides in us all and that connects us as one." (Åsa Vargadotter, Sweden)

I will carry last night’s concert with me a long time. It was a truly beautiful experience, again: thank you for making it possible. Peace & blessings, (Kajsa, Sweden)

"Kailash Kokopelli had a wonderful healing ceremony at the opening of the healthcenter "Lightsource" in Vadstena in Sweden November 2007. The Energy at the center got lighter and more loving. More clients have come to the center and they enjoy the new energy at the center." (Katherine & Peter Eriksson, Sweden)

"Stay amazing, you rock Mister!"
(Danelle Harvey, singer, UK)

"Thank you so much from the depth of my heart for the amazing time at your blessed place, It was an honor and priviledge to be a little part of your huge wonderful creative spiritual univers! Your spirit was everywhere and I saw that everyone was feeling so great! Thanks to all the huge work from your loving heart and hard physical and intellectual work, too!" (Mary Castellares, Peru)

"Kailash, I like to thank you for sharing your wisdom, heart and instrumental treasures with us in Järna! Your music and deep knowledge opened new doors and windows deep in my heart. I knew from the very first time that I read about you and your work that your wise words and music would have a big impact on my life journey. I can feel that it had, so once again, thank you! Your work is so important for the whole world in all levels and parts!" (Annika, Stockholm, Sweden)*

"Your session has touched many hearts in Stjärnsund, awakened passion and longing. So beautiful... (Mikaela, Sweden)
...It was like a magic gift from you and your music that made us connected on a, for us, new and deeper level. The journey opened up a lot of forgotten doors, memories and dreams. It was like when you are in a grey day and the sun suddenly appears..."

"Kailash, unites together the various cosmologies of diverse ethno-cultures, and shamanic procedures, into one post-modern archaic synergised synthesis.
This serendipity is the alchemical compression and condensation of past golden ages, now required to be fused. The affect of sound is the most ancient archaic technology for transcendence. Sound is the key for opening the superconducting door to non-locality, the breath of the Spirit into creation.
"The elders of the Aboriginals knew this secret from the "star elders' they, like the Maya, relate to the Pleiades. Which the ancient Egyptians called the gate to the perfect universe.
Ptah, the first Word and man, came into creation through that gate, and taught the power of the Ren Sound to the ancient Egyptians, who all used, like the Greeks, the Golden Ratio to their music.
"The most sacred Didgeridoo was made of the sacred Watle or Acacia tree, whose magical powers the Egyptians associated to Isis, and in general to the goddess (Innana, Demeter etc). They used the secret that these Acacia tree's hold the same neuro-hormones that man's third eye (the pineal gland) holds, to open the door to the awakening dream (dream time).
For within this tree lies the superconducting resonating crystals, or indoles, that are also found in all ancient texts, described in the elixier of immortality. And in all those cultures, sound and music, were used to perform that alchemy of immortality.
Sound is the ultimate genetic programmer, when utilised in coherence, octave harmonics, and body ecstasis.
Kailash, by combining this sacred tool, together with his studies of the sound alchemy of the Hindu's, native American, and Ethno Shamanic cultures, together with the post-modern music technology, and interactive movements, is an establishing stone, whose sway renders the waters of our culture's time and space, towards the Aqua Vitae: the waters of life from Aquarius. The water bearer, who the Egyptians called Ptah, and the Phoenix of transformation and ascension.
This Archaic and modern sound technology alchemy, is a movement to the collective future attractor: the Single Philosophers Stone, of humanity in collective orchestrated unison, in global moments - online to the Super-species Ameboid, called Everyone. Made conscious by the Song of creation and the New Universe, it opens as the Language of all languages made visual.
Ananda (Ananda, June, 1999)

"I love what you do for humanity. Your music is out of this world!"
(Miriam, USA)

"I want to say THANK YOU for the amazing sound healing & travel that you created. It was the most beautiful music I have ever heard! Purely Divine. Healing me on every level and taking me to higher realms. It was one of the most powerful healings I have ever experienced. THANK YOU deeply from my heart & soul. Bless You!" (Mia, Sweden)

"We want to thank you for the unique and enlightening experience you have given us in these past few days. It’s difficult to find the words to describe how the wonder of meeting you and of learning from you has touched our hearts, our souls and our lives. Your unconditional love for all people and for Mother Earth has brought light into our lives and has made us reconsider our place in this world. We felt as if, maybe for the first time, we were home, with our true and loving family.
For everything you have taught us and for everything you are, THANK YOU! Forever with love and gratitude, Your Romanian friends." (Ina & Friends, Romania)

"I saw a deer, a very beautiful one, she had a flock of smaller deers following her...and then when Kailash played the flutes I was soaring high above with an eagle-bird.
The sound of its wings were strong and very loud but beautiful. Loud sounds can also be beautiful, this lesson I brought with me.
Today my daughter was beating her hands on her madrass and I was lying there listening. The sound became almost overwhelming, ear-splitting. as I had a cold and was extra sensitive through this. I was just about to tell her "STOP BEATING, I AM TRYING TO REST" but I stopped myself and thought of that bird; and I noticed that Lauras drumming was beautiful, rhythmical and strong and good to rest in….
And then Kailash played something that sounded like a maracas I saw some guinea pig looking animals digging and raking the land, eagerly, searching and people were flocking towards the fire, after the day´ work. Up through the forest they went in a group and it was so well-known to me. Even though I received these visions during the journey I was always at the same time wholly aware and present in the room. And then I looked at Kailash playing and saw he was beautiful.
Beautiful features in his face and his body big and small at the same time..."
(Anna, Finland)

When I began to hear the sound of the instruments, suddenly I saw the light going down all around Kailash and I saw near him the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Chamuel and Jofiel. Then images of an Indian ritual dance, and I turned into an eagle with large wings. I tried to move my feet and hands, but I couldn’t. I rose beyond the clouds soaring and started to look down ! I could see people in the hall in the form of clouds of light. But as long as Kailash was playing the music, the clouds become a single large cloud of light and the hall began to shine! It was beautiful !
I flew somewhere, someplace where there were only signs, multiple signs and I got some of these signs in but I descended as as an eagle flying between the clouds until I came around a fire! Here were many Indians dancing, and I got off. I dont know what I was doing with those symbols, I can not remember! But I remember the colors were everywhere! They were beautiful colors like a rainbow.
When the music stopped I tried to move, but I couldn’t feel my body. It took a bit until I was able to do it . It was a wonderful experience that changed my life totally! Thank you Kailash! I will let this presence into my bones and I will allow my soul the freedom to sing, dance, pray and love.
God is here for all and for each of us separately!
(Ionela, principle of a collage in Romania)

"Namaste...Thank you for your light, your wonderful giving nature, your caring and most of all your insight. Thank you also for your incredible photography skills. You are warmly thought of by our entire family. Keep on touching lives with your light and sound healing..Prem namaste - Arthie" (Arthie M., South Africa)

"Again, deepest thanks for the beautiful concert and session in Copenhagen. It's like a dip in absolute reality. And the rippels continue to wave out around.
The whole thing, the sounds, the singing, the prayers and circle awaken the spirit and heart so wonderfully!" (Edeli, Denmark)

"Kailash's music... - deep, vibrating, clear and delicate - a medicine on so many levels. Innovative, strong and magical, a performance of highest skills and artistic quality. With the sound of Kailash's INNER WORLD MUSIC I can always reach the source.
I am indeed happy and thankful for every opportunity to travel with this sacred music. Besides the beautiful clear visions I can also feel the sounds enlightening my body making it joyful and enthusiastic which definitely also give strength to the soul. (Karin Red Fox, Sweden)

"Words can hardly describe it !! Your music and dance filled me with love, warmth and harmony. I was surprised I was so torn with it. It was an experience of happiness. I felt a deep, deep understanding of the meaning of life through your music. Simply incredible !! <3 Hope not the last time I have seen your amazing music and dance!" (Love from Lotte, Denmark)

"Danke für alles! Ich habe wieder meine Peridode! Und ich weiß, da so vieles von meiner Strahlen Erkrankung geheilt ist.! Ich fühle, jetzt bin ich wieder eine Frau! Das was Du für mich getan hast ist unbezahlbar, Du bist ein wunderbarer Heiler!" (Anni S. Germany)

"I am really enthusiastic after your concert from Iasi, Romania. Your music is fantastic and I felt a divine connection more powerful than ever. I still listen to your music everyday and must thank you for who you are. Thank you for the chance to break some walls inside of me. The water from my bottle was full of vibrations and my whole body too. My hands are still vibrating because your music. Thank you for being a channel of light!" (Cristina, Romania)

"We are very grateful to Mr. Kailash Kokopelli, for this wonderful meeting offered to us. It was a great experience, we must say a mystic experience. Listening to his music, I feel that I am in harmony with the whole Universe. It is a wonderful experience! Thanks very much to the Prince of Sounds!"
(Vio, Romania)

The Visit of Mr. Kailash Kokopelli to Iasi, Romania

Today, here and now, we are grateful to the Divine Power of the Universe for the gift that was offered to us: the Presence of Mr. Kailash Kokopelli among us, in Iasi, the city which has the largest number of holy saints' relics and the largest number of churches of all Romanian places.
This sacred place must have attracted the presence of Kailash Kokopelli - the Prince of sounds, the Medicine-man, Pioneer of music therapy.
He is a teacher, an artist and a musician of the world who has devoted his life to the health and welfare of humankind.

The Kailash Kokopelli Therapy is an integrative part of Traditional Medicine, it is very old and very new in the same time.
The importance of Traditional medicine was recognized and underlined by Dr. Margaret Chan, General Director of World Health Organization in the beginning of the International Congress on Traditional Medicine which was held in Beijing, November 7, 2007.
She underlined that "it is necessary to integrate traditional medicine within health-care system in an efficient, appropriate and safe way."

From immemorial times, for the people of the ancient traditions the word "medicine" has had a deeper meaning than in modern medicine, which focuses mainly on curing the physical body. The ancient term denoted not only the action of magic, sacred power on the material world, but also on the spiritual world.
Let us remember what our Dacian God Zalmoxis, teaches his disciples: "In order to heal the body one should cure the spirit because the spirit and the body form a whole". The whole Universe contributes to our health. The harmony or imbalance within are also reflected outside and all around us and thus our lives and the state of our health and planet are influenced. In our hearts, our present words and deeds are seeds for the future.

Kailash Kokopelli is the Messenger of the Divine Light and Music, he is the musician who plays in harmony with the Sun, the Moon, the Water, Air and Earth,
with the flowers, the mountains and valleys. He tell us the sacred story of the Universe.
In consonance with everything in existence, he exercises and charms with great sensibility and art, reveling for us a part of Nature and the Universe.
Let's us unite our hearts and minds with love and wisdom in order to make God present in our lives and in our deeds.

So, time has come for us to listen to the enchanted an enchanting songs of Kailash Kokopelli. Together with him we will set out on a true shamanic journey through sounds. Music is the gift that God has given to humans in order to help them to be in harmony with the Divine power of the Universe.
(Viorica, Nov. 09, Iasi, Romania)

"Hello, I love your earthly cosmic music. A beauty spirit sound connection that inspires me. Hugs from the heart of Brazil." (Romulo Pintoandrade, Brasilian visual artist)

"Hello! I am Doina, from Romania. I have been at both of your workshops in Bucharest. It was an inspiring experience both times. I liked very much your stories about the way your songs "came" to you. That's why I will tell you a story, too. Under the impression of your workshop in November 09 I have sang for a while your song about Ganesha. I felt very good while singing it. During a meditation, while I was in my temple-retreat, Ganesha appeared to me. I was very surprised and asked him about this unexpected, yet very pleasant visit. He told me that he is fond of my singing! Very funny! And that he wants to give me a gift: the possibility to see me through his eyes. Words are too poor to express the emotion while I saw myself: a beautiful Being of Bright White Light. So, please receive my gratitude. Your music aloud me to have this beautiful experience. And another song of yours, "The circle of life" helped me feeling what really means to honor and respect all the people. I felt a great joy and knew that it was a very important step in my development as a spiritual being. That's why, please accept again my appreciaton and gratitude. You are truly a wonderful teacher. Hope seeing you again. Heartlight from Doina"

"You are to me like a flower in bloom, with many petals. And the heart of this flower is love. That\'s why you have such an impact on me. Your love drenches your every petal, it is part of everything you are. And equally essential: your softness. You have this smooth softness of nature, of inner touch, of smiling, of teaching inadvertently. This softness of yours is what opens me up, the key to my heart. It is actually like your hair: soft, smooth, silky, shining gold. You glow like a golden sun. A smiling sun, warm and amicable. So gentle, friendly and comradly. Pouring itself forth in all directions, always. Light. I remember your smile. A smile which says a lot. Sometimes it was apologizing for living your self. You are a happily flowing river with the sunlight sparkling and reflecting in the dancing waterdrops. And then there is of course the wisdom of your being, with which you communicate without words. Always accessible. You to me are also basically Babaji. Harsh primal lessons, given with the velvet touch of love."
(Safira, Netherlands)

"Each time I listen to your CD's I find I am in a sacred space and it is easier to connect to the DIVINE. And when you are here shining your light, that space is much more potent and clear and I remember who I am and feel so connected, honored and sacred. Thank you. Namaste." (Vernon, South Africa)

"You are truely the reed through which Gods´ breath blows"
(Pete Wilson, Copenhagen, Denmark)

Hi Kailash.
It was a fantastic cermony and i had a very calm journey into my heart and life source.
My intention was to recover me from everything hard i have been through and to clear my mind and se what it is that realy is important to me. You played different instrument that had different effect on my intention. When you started to play one of the didgeridoo i feelt that every smal blocked channels in my body started to open with the help from the sound of your didgeridoo. All the dirt and stress flowed out from my body and after every secound i could feel the vibration more, it was like a music massage. After that you rotate a wide small stick that shaked my head and released my bad memories and bad thinking. Everything bad shaked of my braincells and they were just fluating around in my head. After that you twirl a tube that made a piercing sound. The sound of that instrument cut gently through my ears and cleared all the bad stuff in my head, clearly feelt how renew i was. The life energy flowed through my body and gently out, how i shined out energy. And i could also feel others aora. I started to lay sidewide and i feelt how every cell in my body with help of your music heald and recovered my body, emotionaly and spiritualy. When i was recovering it feelt like i was in the matrix, all the nourishment that flowed into me, the truly lovely connection to modder earth, father sun and syster moon. My selfconfidence increased greatly and i feel so much safer with my self, like im always here for me, i can trust myself. You continued playing songs/melodies and i feelt so much ready for everything, my life, purpose and the big next step to be a human bieng. Awereness of great gratefulness. I opened my eyes, climed out from the matrix and everything was(is) so clear to me (now). I have a life, i im a human with many abillities, i want to help freely others that needs me, human, animals and plants. Everyday i get so much from my family, people, modder earth etc so the smallest thing i can do is just simply to give my all in return. I im so gratefull of everything, that i im myself, i have a great family and there are people like you Kailash.
Thank you so much Kailash for everything, many many hugs. It was an honour to eat with you and to eat your soap, it was great and tasty. Thank you for open my eyes and to se that everything is connected with love, music and harmony, treat others like your self. It was an amazing calm journey i had, it heald me so much inside and out and i look forward to your next event in Stockholm and im ready to help. Thank you again Kailash and i hope that you had a good trip home.
(Love and gratefulness David, 17 years Sweden)

"Thankyou SO MUCH for the Sound Healing Journey-concert last weekend! I felt so close to the Source! It was magic!
Light and Love from Shanti, Sweden"

"Thank you. yesterdays concert was, as always, a wonderful magical experience. <3" (Iren, Sweden)

"I must say it one more time - Thank you!
You know, I´m curious but sceptical and also yesterday at your concert.
Today I can confirm: your sounds and something inside me communicated and healed something in my stomach (or in my soul?).
The feeling is – released and calm!" (Marie S. Sweden)

"Thank you dear Kailash for the magical sound healing experience in Tao Zen Center, Malmö. The work started there and it still continues. I am a better person thanks to you <3 ! Love, Sanna"

"Your beautiful heart spirit shines through your silken tunic." (Renee B. USA)

"Love the instrumentals and mesmerizing music on Kailash Kokopellis CD PHOENIX RISING. Soul inspiring and evolving messages. Highly recommend it for anyone's journey in life! (Sumay, USA)

"Dearest brother, you are blessed with a very beautiful voice. My heart prays for your health, happiness and prosperity.
May you always shine amongst stars!" (Sufi Omar Ahmed, Pakistan)

"My deepest gratitude to you for the unforgettable sound therapy session you made for me. I connected on a very deep level with myself again and with the highest force for a peaceful solution to my question. Thank you from the bottom of my heart – it was so powerful and also thanks for reminding me of having compassion!"
(Annette, Sweden)

"Beautiful Kailash... I have so much gratitude for the incredible Sound Journey last Saturday. My soul danced, my energy vibrated and my tears flowed. Thank you for the gift of your music and your Spirit. I received a healing that was deeper and far more expanded than I thought I could experience. Thank you my friend.... all my LOVE!"
(Cheryl, Canada)

"Hi Kailash, your music is amazing! I really love it, it takes my soul on a journey. I am also a musician and am inspired!"
(Kamalroop Singh)

"Thank you for generousity, love and compassion and for reawakening my sleeping inner spirit." (Anna Blom, Sweden)

Dear Kailash,
I visited your wonderful Sound Healing Concert in Järna last Friday, and unfortunately I had to leave to catch the train before I could thank you properly.
I had a wonderful time, the energy of my chakras were pulsing simultaneously, which was a fantastic experience. I also saw some important visions that I will meditate upon. Thank you!! Lots of Love, E. Johansson, Stockholm, Sweden.

"I would like to thank you for your concert in Järna. It was very powerful and beautiful. Your Love is infinite!" (Rickard D. Sweden)

Your CD PRAYER FLUTE brings me in contact with my essence and makes me very calm inside. (Kim S. Netherlands)

So grateful for the loving and magical evening with Kailash and friends! Thank you beloved brother for all gifts you share with the world, you are amazing! All my blessings and Love (Christina Nielsson, Sweden)

Today I had an amazing experience on a beautiful long golden beach listening to your cd. I received a beautiful burst of healing and empowering shakti.
I want to thank you for your beautiful music. It's actually so healing and deep.
(Ceslie Rossi, USA)

"What you do in life, and for the humans, is worth a special Oscar!"
(Love from Natasha R., Sweden)

"UNDERBAR earth-prayer session you gave tonight 19.12.2010 - your music and prayers are pure LOVE, pure PRESENCE, thanks again" (Hekla, Copenhagen, DK)

"May you continue to walk in beauty and share your wonderful work you do for the enjoyment, benefit and blessing of the people that cross your path."
(With Joy, Love and Trust, from your friend Edmund Ciccarello, Navajo)

"May the radiance of your magnificent Being continue to affect every living Soul on this planet!
I am truly grateful for your friendship, inspiration and generosity." (Niten, France)

"PRAYER FLUTE is the most relaxing & peaceful music that have reached my ears" (Elisabet Lind, Sweden)

"You have had a major impact on our lives. I will never forget how the thunder, wind and lightning suddenly started - as you walked into the hall at Rustlers valley. And never forget our beautiful wedding you facilitated. Thank you!" (Brian & Arthie, South Africa)

"I heard your music in Oslo years ago, and simply loved it. Your music has brought me inner peace and calmness, made me feel safe and reminded me of the love that is within me and all around me. thank you so much!" (Maral, Norway)

"Your spirit in the sound of the flute, has guided me into a very beautiful and empowering energy state today. I am so grateful - it does bring us all to a higher state of consciousness."
(Anita Strandmark, Denmark)

LÖRDAGEN DEN 21:E MAJ 2011 Drömresa med Kailash.

Rummet på Barkgatan är fyllt av människor, instrument och yogamattor. Svarta rullgardiner är neddragna, så att vi nästan är i mörker, trots den ljusa försommarkvällen utanför. Kailash Kokopelli och Satya ska ta med oss på en Soundhealingresa.
Men först ska vi sjunga oss samman, för Moder Jord och för oss själva. Vi är ett trettiotal personer som sitter på de brandgula yogamattorna. Framför oss sitter världsmedborgarna Kailash och Satya. Kailash lämnade skolan vid tretton års ålder och började umgås med naturfolk – främst nordamerikanska indianstammar tror jag – vid sjutton års ålder. Nu är han omgiven av sina instrument, som han samlat på sig från en massa naturfolk världen runt. Han kan historien om alla sina instrument, om den urgamla didgeridoon, ett instrument aboriginer i Australien spelat på i typ femtiotusen år, om kondorens fjädrar som ger ett svischande ljud, om de magiska trummorna, både från nord och från syd, stränginstrument, ljudskålar, allt möjligt som jag inte vet namnet på.
Och vi sjunger med i mantran, för att förbereda oss på den inre ljudresan, vi sjunger om Ganeesha, Shiva, Shakti och en hel del andra, vi sjunger med i sånger på engelska… och långsamt långsamt är det som att vi förflyttas från en yogalokal mitt i Malmö, till en lägereld ute på vidderna. För mig ser jag en lägereld någonstans i västra USA, vi är omgivna av höga spetsiga berg och eldslågorna stiger mot himlen, medan vi sjunger med och rör våra kroppar och blir till ett i natten, det är till och med så jag för min inre blick ser en ginstrand stjärnhimmel.

Så ombeds vi ligga ner.
Soundhealingen kan börja.
Jag har en filt över mig och blundar.
Jag hör de olika ljuden från de märkliga instrumenten
och jag förflyttas till ett slags drömtillstånd,
till ett annat lager av universum, jag är meditation.
Rummet försvinner runt mig och jag är och upplever sällsamma saker.
Allt kommer jag inte ihåg, men jag minns att jag blev fascinerad
av många av de bilder som fladdrar förbi mig.

Så känner jag plötsligt en värme som stiger under mig,
jag känner att jag ligger på något varmt,
hela jag blir uppvärmd underifrån på ett skönt sätt.
Jag upptäcker att jag ligger direkt på röd magma.
Jag är vid källan, vid livets källa, det röda värmer mig,
det är livet och jag hinner reflektera över att det inte alls bränns,
det röda, heta som jag ligger på, ger mig bara skön värme
och det ger mig samtidigt stöd underifrån,
som att ligga på en bädd av magma, där jag kan vila.

Alla spänningar i kroppen släpper.
Det går energivåg efter energivåg genom kroppen,
avslappningen är total och värmen precis lagom.

Då tittar jag upp och ser hela universum.
Så trots att jag befinner mig vid källan
så kan jag se hela stjärnhimlen.
Jag försöker identifiera stjärnbilder,
men det är inte min uppgift nu.
Nu ska jag enbart ta in den storslagna himlen,
se alla stjärnor, känna att jag är en del av detta
och att jag samtidigt befinner mig vid källan.

Jag får en impuls att förena mig med stjärnorna,
att lämna källan.
Då känner jag att jag är förankrad.
Genom mitt hjärta går ett spjut,
ett spjut som alls inte smärtar, tvärtom,
ett spjut vars uppgift är att förankra mig vid källan,
vid Moder Jord.
Spjutet är förankrat i magman,
det går igenom min kropp,
och spetsen är en del av universum.
Spjutets budskap är att jag hör hemma på Moder Jord
och att det ska hjälpa mig att vara grundad,
att hålla mig nära källan … och samtidigt ha tillgång till universum.

Hela jag är energi.
Det är som att varje del, varje cell glöder,
som att det finns en inneboende rörelse i hela kroppen,
jag känner energin från fotsulorna och upp till hjässan.
Och då händer något märkligt.
Min kropp lyfter sig så där 70 centimeter ovanför magman.
Kroppen leviterar där i drömtillståndet.
Det enda som håller fast mig vid Moder Jord är spjutet.
Det är som att det säger att allt är möjligt…
och att det samtidigt är viktigt att vara förankrad.

Jag hör de sista svischande ljuden från något av Kailashs instrument. Jag förstår att resan är över för den här gången. Jag är tillbaka på den brandgula yogamattan. Energin strömmar genom min kropp, den skakar bort spänningarna ännu en gång och så ligger jag där stilla och bara observerar min energifyllda kropp. Tack Kailash och Satya för den här resan! Och tack Christina Nilsson för att du faciliterade detta.
(Charlotte Rudenstam, Malmö, Sweden)

"Meine Freundin Maria sagte folgendes nach einem Konzert, bei dem Kauf einer CD von Kailash. Das was ich hier bekommen habe, das was die CD mir gibt, die mir wieder und wieder, Transformation und Heilung gibt, ist mit keinem Geld der Welt zu bezahlen. Ich kann das nur bestätigen!" (Inge Schubert, Germany)

" I experienced for the first time in my life a feeling of being home when u where singing that song, it was so beautiful. And now after a few days I am feeling really peaceful in my soul and mind. Thank you again so much" (Madeleine M., Sweden)

Ruriko from Japan wrote: "Dear Kailash Thank you very much for your thoughtful message. It made me very happy. I remember very often a pure and beautiful music you played at my house. That is a wonderful memory in my life."

"During the sound healing concert of Kailash Kokopelli I experienced a healing white stream flowing around my body and after some rounds it flowed out carrying a healing force to all the people around me and then, with a figure 8-shape returned back to me. It gave healing back to me though I was channeling the healing power for others around me." (Red Fox, Sweden)

"Dear Kailash, what a total blessing your concert in Beek was again.. thank you ever so much! When we, the public , were coming in, with you already sitting there in meditation, this whole huge space (which is normally not used for spiritual gatherings) was filled to the brim with Love, Peace and Harmony. Not one single negative thought could find a place there any longer. What Love you give and spread. Thank you Brother. Namaste. Safira" (Netherlands)

"Göttliche Musik, bin tief berührt, bitte macht weiter so!!!
Wir alle lieben Deine INNER WORLD MUSIC- ich fliege noch immer wie ein Adler in der Unendlichkeit über die tiefen Urwälder, grün, weit, frei. so meine Inneren
Erlebnisse bei unserem Kreistanz und Dankeslied für Mutter Erde. DANKE Kailash." (Cornelia, CH)

"A silence hit me, when I saw you..Thank you for being you, so I can come closer to myself What a wonderful reflection you gave to me today I embrace, with gratitude my life on this earth. Thank you!" (Jennifer NL)

"Lieber Kailash, ich war gestern mit meiner kleinen Tochter und meinem Freund in eurem Konzert im Teehaus.in Hamburg. Danke für diese wundervolle, wunderbare Musik. Es hat mein Herz soo sehr berührt. Alles ist mit Liebe durchflutet! Danke! Lichtvolle Grüße Simone, Enno und Pia PS Meine Tochter Pia sagte eben noch: "ich habe die ganze Musik seit dem Konzert in mein Herz geschlossen.""
Kailash, gift-bringer to my life, I experienced the Sound Healing concert in Tübingen on the 20.05.2012 and I like to thank you.
For me it was the greatest gift for my life to experience the community we built & shared and I loved to be a part of it.
It was such a sacred time. It was so wonderful to experience myself in the SOUND HEALIING JOURNEY while your music was inside of me, all around and in every part of me and all of us. During the journey, I found & healed an important part of myself I really have missed for a long time. I wish to thank you and all the people present and your instruments, as well as all the beings of light, who shared that sacred moment of home-coming and healing with me.
Yet the greatest gift I received this precious day was to experience your personal light and being. There are no words to express my gratitude for the light and being you are and shared in such a special way. The way you spoke to all the people, to love and to embrace everybody the way they are, and to experience your wisdom, to see and feel your modesty and your love and your happiness & joy in everything you did or said in such a natural and sacred way was a great gift to my heart and I keep it deep inside my being with gratitude. Your Sound Medicine is working inside me and it is transforming my life. Thank you.
(Ineke Imme Elfert, Germany)

Dear beautiful heart brother Kailash. Thank You so much - I am listening to the CD called "The Circle of Life" Mmmmmm... This SACRED WORLD MUSIC is slowly filling my home, like warm, golden, sweet fragrant honey.. surronding me, melting and softening.. hearing "Peace & Beauty" now ... So much peace it brings to me, Thank you!" (Maria, Denmark)

"What a joy to meet such a beautiful, shining heart! So much beauty you create around you!" (Edeli, Denmark)

"I am soo thankful that GOD made you Kailash exactly the way you are.. you are a true knight!" (Maria, DK)

"Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for the light you share through your true being, your love, your honesty and your awareness.
This is so true. In the light of love we are whole and we have the power to heal through the songs and our love, through sharing and being close to the open heart. Such a grace to be blessed and touched by that wisdom. May the Christ light always shine all around you and may all your love and blessings return to you manifold!" (Red Fox, Sweden)

"You are so fantastic and words can not describe how much happiness I feel when I think of you. Thank you dear one for bringing to the world all your virtues!! You are magic for sure!" (K. Sweden)

"Your voice and instruments you play are the twinkling stars. Thank you!" (J. deChen, INDONESIA)

"I love your CD's and play them all the time, thank you for all the beautiful songlines you have made for us to follow you up to the stars with!"
(Fiona, South Africa)

"The true measure of a man is found in the colors and textures that come alive in others because of him! - This makes me think warmly of you Kailash.
Thanking you...Blessings (Jan, South Africa)

"Thank you for being a sound “doctor”, someone so genuinely loving and the carrier of many universes. I used to hide the key to my heart in a secret location but I forgot where the location was. You found the location and gave me the key to open my heart. I thank you so much for that and for opening my eyes again to the beauty of Pachamama Mother Earth" (Leila, France)

"As Kailash Kokopelli played his first note, my eyes clenched & the fire shot through my heart into each of my extremities, he was taking me on a journey, a Shamanic journey. Sitting straight with my spine shooting up into the cosmos I started journeying into the forest, where I found my native family sitting around a fire. I sat with them, I didn’t speak, the flute sang the words of my ancestors.
My heart turning more raw as the chief expressed his fear & his betrayal. His wounds bled openly in front of the fire dwellers. My indigenous father looked straight at me with eyes of helplessness, eyes of trust, filling my ears with rhythmic hope he told me that it is time... Yes, I know… It is time.
In the midst of 60 blissed out hippies I balled my eyes out, releasing something that has been dormant for so long. Sitting in two worlds now, feeling completely safe, the excitement swirled through my spirit again…Releasing the fear of my ancestors & becoming aligned with my purpose… My responsibility.
To be the voice for the wounded indigenous. Not just of my native people, but also the indigenous people of the world. Their intelligence… their secrets cannot be hidden & ignored any longer. I walked out into the dark night & looked up at the millions of stars glaring down at me, & I thanked my ancestors as I could feel them there with me. I declared my readiness!" (Brynn Goforth, USA)

Sound Medicine experience 23rd of June 2012
"A dragon was flying above in the air. She was white and gray and had a strong tail which she was flapping wild to and fro. The dragon could not find any connection with earth and this made her sad and furious but her powerful movement was of no use.
I was below her stamping steady and heavy. The ground was a muddy and wet, through the stamping it turned into a hard field of dark clay. I felt this didn´t help at all but continued the stamping. Now, by this stamping, a tunnel of clay emerged and I started to walk through it. I came out in a green beautiful rich forest where I met a girl aged around 12- 16. "Do you want to go with me to seek a sacred well" she said. We walked together until we found, deep in the forest, a clear little lake. Water was trickling and flowing out from between wet stones. This lake was both still and playful with very clear, life-giving, healing water. We sat down by the lake on each side. We sat in stillness while the bright and sunny day turned into night. And then, led by the beautiful tunes of a flute ( Kokopelli´s flute in real life ) a night sky with thousand and thousand of stars rolled up above us. Each star sent its rays to the sacred lake and I saw that also Sun and Moon was shining into the lake. The rays were soft golden,silver & white. They connected heaven and earth, holding the universe together. Thank you." (Red Fox, Sweden)

"Kailash Kokopelli hat als Weisser Wolf mit dem Album "Jetzt oder nie" ein inspirierendes und inhaltlich spannendes Text-Musik-Werk geschaffen. Im besten Sinn Gedanken anregende, ins Nachspüren verführende, aber auch gesellschaftskritische eigene Texte auf Deutsch und Englisch spricht und singt er zu meditativ-elektronischer Musik mit einigen Gastsängerinnen und –musikern. Ich freue mich auf weitere Werke dieser Art!" (Matthias G. Switzerland)

"Sweet Heart Medicine" ... I played several pieces