Oceanic Dreamtime

Deep and relaxing soundscapes of Didgeridoo played
by Kailash blended with mongolian style overtone
chanting. Beded in two Native American Flute songs is a journey into the depth. The harmonic deep throat chanting is performed by Singing Bear
(Bernt Balchen).
This high quality live recording in the Norwegian Vigeland Mausoleum is dedicated to the Whales.

Oceanic Dreamtime is used for its depth and healing qualities as a sound medicine by many therapists and practitioners of the healing arts worldwide.

Ideal for reiki, massage, regression work and to relax the central nervous system (hemi-sync-effect/ by sleeplessness / tonitis) !
Attention: Not recommended to listen to while driving a car!

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1 Silent Smile
2 Singing Bear
3 Cetacean
4 Blue Whale Dreaming