KACHIMO - keys for self healing and vitality

KACHIMO consists out of 6 different parts:

1. Warm Ups

The warm ups are simple exercises to loosen up hip and neck area.
Stimulating thymus gland, lungs points and kidneys.
Streching meridians and releasing stagnated energy.

4. Cleansing & Purification

These are very effective exercises to cleanse the subtle bodies and chakras from stagnated energy, energetical hooks and unhealthy bonds. Great keys to free ourselves from negativity.

2. Osho Divine Healing exercises

These are the breath openers of the Osho Divine Healing Arts. Wonderful exercises to stimulate the flow of life energy in the body. With kind permission of Prashantam, co-founder of O.D.H.A. www.prashantam.com

5. Chi Movements

The actual Chi Movements are simple yet powerful exercises for self healing and to generate and invite more life energy into the body to charge the dan tien (energy center), organs and chakras with Chi.

3. Five Elements

In Chinese medicine the organs are related to 5 different elements: 1. Wood - related to liver and gall bladder, 2. Fire - related to heart and small intestine, 3. Earth - related to spleen and stomach, 4. Metal - related to lungs and large intestine, 5. Water - related to kidneys and bladder. These exercises stimulate and strengthen the organs.

6. Silence

Stillness and silence after movement are essential to integrate the generated energy. All movement is born out of stillness and leads back into stillness as sound is born out of silence to which it returns. In stillness and silence we can melt into the inner source of wisdom - remembering our true self and essence.

Quotes from the teachings of KACHIMO:

"...spreading our golden eagle wings - rising above the little I and me and mine..."

".... inhale; the heart flower unfolds into the mirror, remembering and honouring the divine essence of who we are. Exhale; the prayer becomes a blessing - we grow into the light...

"...the earth becomes the tree of life - which we embrace..."

If you want to benefit from the KACHIMO exercises- you can learn the Chi movements through the teachings on Video
availible on PAL or NTSC Format.

"...this video is a great gift of inspiration
to all who are blessed to see it!" (Rael USA)